Welcome to Torino, Italy
efsli Conference 2024

The National Association of Italian Sign Language Interpreters (ANIMU) is proud to host this year's conference of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) in Torino, Italy.

12 - 15 September 2024


Qualified: what next?

(From safe to practice to strive for excellence)

 The conference will investigate: How has our profession changed, what is the current job market after we “qualify” and how we move from safe to practice becoming an excellent professional. These are important topics, and we need to stop and reflect on it.

The questions we would like to answer comprise, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The route to qualification as a signed language interpreter/translator in Europe.
  • Post-qualification pathways to ensure quality and further development of signed language interpreters/translators in Europe.
  • The concept of ‘safe to practice’ (from a current or historical comparative perspective).
  • The career paths of signed language translators/interpreters.
  • Quality of interpretation/translation (from a current or historical comparative perspective).
  • Key characteristics of the signed language interpreter/translator professional.
  • The signed language interpreting/translation service user’s perspective on the professional competencies and profile of interpreters/translators.
  • The sustainability of the signed language interpreting/translation profession.
  • Professional wellbeing of interpreters/translators.
  • Collaboration between signed language interpreters/translators and/or non-signed language interpreters/translators.
  • Signed language interpreters/translators as generalists or specialists: theoretical views and/or practical implications.
  • Considerations of Continuous Professional Development for signed language interpreters/translators.



Qualified: What's next?


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